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Second grade children

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(amateur translation by journalist Ekaterina Mayakovskaya. Original - “Дети второго сорта” in newspaper «Samarskie Izvestiya», 193 (6622), 23 September 2013)
Sorry for my bad English.


There is a scandal at Samara Semashko hospital: patients claim that medical personal mistreat to orphaned children who get treatment in infectious disease section. But, then they say «mistreatment» they mean just ordinary indifference of nurses. Administration of the hospital doesn't give a payment for feeding babies. Nurses are rood moms, who stay in the hospital with their own children, when women ask personal to pay attention to orphans: they say, complain to us, we won't be punished. Orphanage workers are supposed to look after orphans, but they claim that they know personal of Semashko infectious section hospital for many years, that's why orphanage sends babies to the clinic quietly, like on holidays to grandma.. As for the younger nurses, they are just absent in the section.
It seems like the circle is completed. And that's true. People don't know: what to do when they see that hungry orphans walking around barefoot in the section in dirty panties? What to do, when a nurse block the door because she fed up with poor baby's crying. They seem to forget: they are not just personal of the hospital. The protection of people's health is their vocation.

«Madness» of Elena Korneva
Meet Elena Korneva. The usual young mother. One month ago she has got treatmen in infectious section in Semashko Hospital with her son. Today the personal of this clinic doing everything to make everybody think that she is a mad one. Maxim Karpuhin, the chief medical officer, promise us and her to sue if we'll try to public even one word about this story. We'll try. We can not be silent.
- We were staying in infectious section of Semashko duaring 5 days. Also here were staying orphans, who were getting a treatment, - told Korneva. - As I had understood, Vanya were 2 years old. He was located in room, which is
situated in the end of corridor. He was alone duaring nearly all time. Nurses have not did not react to the cries of Vanya. They have blocked the door so he could not open it. I heard, he has banged his head into the door, cried and called mama. I had asked the nurses to pay attention to the child, but they said roodly: «He is an orphan, we have no time, we should put droppers for “normal” children». Vanya was so scared that he knocked out a window in the box. Personal just blocked the hole with sheet. The baby constantly urinating on the floor because of low temperature in room. There was a real trouble with heating. Vanya were dressed in shorts and T-shirt. He was crying and crying. I have not seen anyone had cleaned his room. One time in a day doctors doctors let him out of “prison”. These were the happiest moments for him.

ne-aloner No. 2
In the complaint, which
was written by Korneva to Roszdavradzor (organization that monitors health care facilities), said that 10 September 2013 another “one-aloner” (as they are called by medical staff) came to infectious section of Semashko.
- Maxim is 1 year old – said Elena Korneva. - A
cot with baby were placed near our room in the corridor. He was crying because of hunger. Nurse gave him baby food “Narineright out of the package. I saw how he was choking. One of the moms gave the a baby bottle to nurse, but nurse just threw it. I still remember that tonight the baby was crying, and a woman, who also had got a treatment in this section took Maxin in her arms. But than nurse took the child and threw her in the cot. “Stay away from hin – she said – he is ill. He has hepatitis C ”. 10 September 2013 all pacients were moved to a new part of the building. But personal had forgotten about Vanya. At first we couldn't not understand why there is so quiet in our rooms. We even thought that Vanya came back to the orphanage. But later we found that nurses left the baby in the old part of building, because “personal is fed up with his crying”. They had blocked Vanya in his room ant turn the light off. Nurses thought that he will fall asleep faster because of this. Poor baby spent the whole night alone. Fortunately, the next day he was discharged from the clinic.

«Fascists» in the white doctor's smocks
Elena remembers, that she asked her husband to bring warm clothes for Maxim to the hospital.
- First I discuss this question with the doctor, than I gave warm cloth to nurse, - tells Korneva. - but next day I found them on windowsill untouched. Personal fed a baby only when moms had said nurses to do it. I have been never seen so cruel nurses. I was really wondered that the doctor, who treats my child and Vanya, treated differently to children. Everything were good with my boy, and with an orphan it was vice versa. Today all of my friends tell me that nobody will fire cruel nurses. But I do not seek it. I just want to make medical personal first fink than do harm to poor orphan. Not only in Semashko hospital but in the others.

ill be punished
Yesterday “mad” Elena Korneva visited our
editorial office. She is a successful, courageous, beautiful woman. Perhaps, and this should be a real mother today.
She couldn't forget the problem in the hospital, led by Maxim Karpuhin.
The woman asked the Roszdravnadzor to check the quality of the medical staff 's work. The inspection revealed a lot of violations. Chief medical officer received some instructions. However, Karpuhin don't feel guilt. Yesterday he threatened to sue our journalists. He has strongly demanded not to tell the society about the incident. We wrote a letter to The Children Ombudsman where we presented the essence of the problem in details.
- I have not expected that my my appeal could cause such a great response, - said Elena. - many moms who were in the hospital with me, were outraged too. However, no one had started to help Vanya and Maxim. But who else can stand up for the orphans? They are already growing up without parents.

A branch of hell on the Earth
When we started to write this material, we had tried to talk to the personal of Samara Semashko hospital. However, here we were not welcome. As soon as the head of the infectious section Tamara Zhilyakova and doctors realized, why we had come, they began to shout at us.
- Understand it: mom, who write an appeal, is a mad. She just has nothing to do. In practice where was no criminal. Maxim came back to the
orphanage healthy, without without bruises and abrasions. We always said people: do not get involved in our work, if you don't understand it. Korneva's words is a slander. Most of our patients are satisfied with the quality of medical services.
Later we tried to talk to chief medical officer Maxim Karpuhin.
Do not disturb my people. And anyway, I do not advise you to write something the subject, until we won't have a court order. I don't want to give any comments about it, and I am going to protect nurses. You must understand that we have a shortage of staff and people work hard.

This is the orphanage «Solnyshko». Here are sick orphans from birth to 4 years old. It turned out that even the chief medical officer of the orphanage does not know that their foster-child Maxim suffered from mistreatment of Semashko hospital's nurses. Or did she?
- L
aw enforcement officers had come to us, and we gave them a certificate stating that Maxim had returned to us from Semashko with no signs of violence. Everything were good with him, - said the chief medical officer Tatiana Kudinova. - We have a very long working with this hospital, and we still had no problems with Semashko. I can't believe, that such a terror can happens in the section led by Tamata Zhilyakova.
It is still a great secret why Tatiana Kudinova have not asked investigators, w
hy they would need a certificate of Maxim's health.

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